Can I get selected text pop-up on my screen? The text is from a remote website..


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Hi all!

My aim is easily selecting and saving text from websites while i surf them..

For example, as i'm reading a wikipedia article, I select some text and on mouse up the text is automatically saved to my computer.

My background: A couple of years ago I used such code on my computer. I found some javascript on the web and had it work like an extension (or addon, i don't know the difference) with Maxthon. This script enabled me to interact with the elements of web pages from remote servers..

I used an event handler such as on mouse up, and info such as url, page title, selected text, date were transferred to a form that existed as an invisible div.

Some property of maxthon allowed me to integrate the script and this div element to the web page I was on..

The Problem:

Unfortunately, all the scripts i used were deleted when I gave my laptop for fixing..

The request: Would someone kindly tell me how i can get maxthon interacting with webpages as i surf them?

More specifically, can anyone give me an idea how i can do this:

i select some text, and on mouse up it pops up on my screen.. of course the text is from a webpage on a server other than my computer.. i.e. wikipedia article

I tried maxthon button type plugins, but i couldn't get it work.. If I have this popup work, then i will do the rest with no problems..

Thanks in advance!

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