Notifications in Maxthon 7


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Hello, guys. I've been using different browsers for quite some time, and the browser I used as my primary one hasn't been updated for a long time, apparently it's been abandoned. Among all the browsers I've tested, I liked the Maxthon browser, which I've decided to use as my default now. Everything in this browser works great and suits me well, but there's one issue that bothers me a lot and I can't solve it on my own. Searching for a solution on the internet hasn't yielded any results. Right now, I'm using Maxthon version (64-bit), and Maxthon behaves differently with site notifications compared to other browsers. When I receive notifications from sites, for example, from YouTube or Gmail, or some other sites where I've allowed notifications for new events, a message pops up in the bottom right corner of the Windows system, which is normal. However, when I click on this notification with the mouse, instead of opening the site from which the notification came, the notification simply closes and nothing happens. Maxthon doesn't open the site. Is there a way to fix this? Perhaps I just can't find such a setting?

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