RE: Unable to login first time since Windows 11 clean install for Maxthon 7.

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Hello. I need your help.

End of April 2023, I lost an non-recoverable Windows 11 installation on my PC that had a customized Maxthon 7 web browser on it with my account established on the web browser -- therefore all data and configurations saved/synced successfully. Source of Windows 11 failure, vast corruption. Since then, I have had to clean install of my Windows 11 install on the same PC. Now, I downloaded and installed Maxthon 7 on this new clean Windows 11 install. Once installed, I have tried to log into my Maxthon account. I am trying to log in in the narrow window panel titled, "Sign in to Maxthon account". I enter my e-mail address and password (Correctly, yes) and I get a red lined frame around the password box stating: 50403 Forbidden. I am not sure what is happening? I have reset my password twice using the "Forgot password" option successfully. Still receiving the 50403 Forbidden and not logging me in. So what is happening here? Please explain.

Please reply. Thanks!

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