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Microsoft vba CreateObject statement open Maxthon mistakenly


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I have come across the same problem reported on following topics that the maxthon may mess up some window registry settings. That dated back to as early as 2005!



Sub CreateIE
Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
IE.visible = 1
End Sub

The above code written in a vba application such as Microsoft Access mdb module should start an internet explorer. But in a pc installed with maxthon, it open the maxthon instead. Uninstall maxthon does not solve it. The programmers on maxthon should do some test and fix it.


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Finally I found the solution of this lifelong not solved problem: the executable file (.exe) needs to be run with administrator rights.

VB2008 GetObject throws Cannot create ActiveX component exception but Excel VBA works fine


The solution is pretty frustrating: you have to run CATIA as an administrator...

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