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[Request] MX5 for PDA: more Tab closing functionality


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Hello! Previously, for small screens on smartphones, it was not so obvious to me, or I didn’t use the MX5 so often on these devices to notice. But on a fairly large tablet today, I noticed a lack of comfort for tab closing. MX5 for PC can almost “from the cradle” close tabs by double clicking on their title. But on the tablet (version MX Android) it does not work: the usual double tap (as on PC) does not cause any effect. And in the application settings, I did not find anything like that would activate this feature. To close an unnecessary tab, you have to more accurately press [X], which on a relatively small screen at 10" after three (or more, for especially stubborn users) opened new empty tabs, (or switch to the right tab) causes a "butthurt". :Smiling_Face_Emoji_with_Blushed_Cheeks_42x42:

Summary: it is desirable to add the ability to close tab by double tap on its title, enable/disable this, and the checkbox "close tab by double-tap" in the MX for PDA settings (Android, iOS, etc.).

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