Why I will never update my browser unless serious changes occur

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9 hours ago, judgedredd007 said:

Well, I got fed up with the Maxthon browser in the end and found a better one in Vivaldi. It is more customizable and works far better than Maxthon and does not come with all the crap. So after using Maxthon for quite a number of years I have ditched it. Not an easy thing to do but, really, changing things around just pissed me off no end. The tab tiling disappearance was 'the straw that broke the camels back' so to speak.

Even at Version 1 Vivaldi is NICE! Menus where they should be and though slightly different, are actually recognizable from the layout of many windows programs.

Vivaldi is now my default browser on Windows.

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"For all the talk of hand holding etc, apparently now we need a great big banner stating that MX4 is obsolete, even though there's a link to "Maxthon5", MX4 hasn't been updated for over a year, the release notes menu shows both MX5 and MX4.9 and almost everyone after kindergarten knows that 5 comes after 4."


You're missing the point. Mx4 is still available for download and you can see its availability quite plainly on its respective web page. Historically it was not unusual to have two or more stable Maxthon releases concomitantly. Furthermore, in the past, versions of Maxthon have gone long periods of time before eventual upgrading. So this could (and certainly appears to be) an entirely normal long term release cycle.

This fact, or whether the browser is indeed dangerously outdated and incompatible or not, isn't made plain or obvious even at a kindergarten level on the Mx4 download page. 

There's no need for a histrionic banner stating that the browser is actually obsolete. If it is actually obsolete (Released 06/05/2017 sic) and poses any kind of security/compatibility risk or problem it shouldn't actually be made available for download. If it is just an older release but doesn't have any security or compatibility problems it shouldn't need any kind of nag screen or dropdown in the browser itself to consistently remind you that it is an older version. As anyone downloading it would almost certainly be aware of the fact that it is actually an older release. It doesn't take a degree in 'Applied Bollocks' to grasp this. It makes me wonder if something disingenuous is going on.

It still doesn't make any sense. 

‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks.’

~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet: Act III, scene II

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Well, DaveMax, you prove my point. Maxthon was good at some point in its product cycle but, just like with a lot of other stuff, the developers didn't figure out why their browser became popular. It happens all the time. People try and figure out why their stuff takes off and becomes popular and no-one does a survey to find out why.

Even in giving free stuff away, like Maxthon or any other browser, 'the customer is always king'. But in the computer world that adage seems to have been completely binned. Well then, suffer the consequences, is what I say. As to the original post by 7twenty, no-one has given me any negative feedback like it was intimated. In fact two people, DaveMax and myself, have ditched Maxthon in favor of a different browser. 

The people behind Maxthon have a lot to learn, in terms of how not to treat their customers (their user base), as do many other software developers. Out of 8 total posters on this thread, 2 have now switched to something else - a 25% turnover rate. And this from diehard Maxthon users. And 7twenty's attitude towards what I have posted is why people will, in the end, switch over to something else. Saying things like, '.... having no merit...' and other comments shows a disregard for what a user is saying. I wouldn't have spent such a large amount of time coming here and posting if I didn't care about trying to make Maxthon better. It may be said that my peeves are 'just my opinion' but I highly doubt it. If they were then I would have got more negative comments than just those made by 7twenty. Everyone else either says they had issues too or have given me good feedback and/or help. I even have a +2 reputation rating. If I was posting garbage that would be -2 at least!!!

In my own business I never treat customers with disrespect and acknowledge that without them I wouldn't be in business. Maxthon may want to look at doing the same thing. Stop thinking that everyone likes the product you now have. Listen to your user base and stop bloody messing around with the layout of the browser!


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I sometimes feel I'm getting the two fingered salute from Maxthon these days. 


If I report any bugs with Vivaldi they give me support, encouragement and genuinely seem to try to understand what the problem is and fix what's wrong. No browser developer is ever going to please everyone, as browser use is so subjective, but I get a feeling on these forums that if you don't like what's happening you can go elsewhere. I don't think this bodes well for Maxthon's user base. 


' Even in giving free stuff away, like Maxthon or any other browser, 'the customer is always king'. But in the computer world that adage seems to have been completely binned. '


It depends what you mean by 'free'. I honestly think increasing monetisation is the Maxthon agenda these days. Removing the ability to block third party cookies is a strong indicator of this. Even Google Chrome allows you to block third party cookies. 

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17 hours ago, judgedredd007 said:

Even at Version 1 Vivaldi is NICE!

Vivaldi is hardly a v1 product. It was in beta for over a year with a huge number of builds in that time before it finally came out with it's V1 (currently at V2 if i'm not mistaken). AND the creator(?) is ex-Opera, of which had at least 12 versions, maybe more, before he left to start Vivaldi.


17 hours ago, judgedredd007 said:

The tab tiling disappearance was 'the straw that broke the camels back' so to speak.

I was going to point out that this and everything else you want are in/can be tweaked in MX5... but you've already moved on... so again, good luck.

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On 10/13/2018 at 11:51 PM, judgedredd007 said:

1. Print function now hidden in a sub menu (at least it was in the first version of 5) - really, really dumb move.


On 10/14/2018 at 10:36 PM, judgedredd007 said:

I might try the latest version of Maxthon but if the print function is not where it has been in MX


On 10/23/2018 at 0:15 PM, judgedredd007 said:

Print dialog is the worst though - different to just about ALL other programs out there.

Read the above and then look at the image of the Vivaldi main menu below.

Tell me if you can see the irony.


15 hours ago, judgedredd007 said:

Saying things like, '.... having no merit...' and other comments shows a disregard for what a user is saying.

There is no disregard. I responded to your overly emotional post from an objective point of view. Gave you options and reasons as to why/what and why i thought so. It was summarised shortly afterwards. "No merit" meaning without basis for your argument. After 2 pages i still haven't seen a response as to why the context menu print option wasn't a workable solution. Every response came back to "it's not how it was", or "it's not how i like it". Yet, see above for proof that it clearly doesn't matter, despite "number 1 being the most important" (your words).

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and i'm a huge proponent of constructive criticism, but if you're going to criticise something, at least be able to back it up with some facts/data.

And yes, it is an objective pov. I might be a Vice Admin here, but i'm not staff, i don't get paid, i spend my own time offering help to users, i have no more say in what happens with development than you. I use MX because it works for me despite my own gripes with it. I've been on the edge many times looking for other browsers and still come back because it works for me... no other reason. If i found something better tomorrow, you won't see me here the next day.


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