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Hi. guys! I had to write about this many week ago, but...

What's wrong with Extensions Center? Does it work?
I tried to write reply, but I can not add new comment. Just white screen and nothing more.
I hoped it's temporary, but it still does not work for me.

Now I hope MX Team just preparing big update for Extensions Center and they have no reason to fix old bugs.
Because we really need new Extensions Center: with notification and developer's pages.
Now feedback is broken...

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Being unable to comment has been like that for ages. Was answered by a bug* when i questioned it some time ago. Apparently something to do spam i think, so they disabled comments to counter it.

As for does it work? Well depends on what you deem "work" means. It does show and allow you to download the available extensions. In that respect, yes it does work. As for a means of being a place for user feedback - it's now useless, and developer information - it has never been any good for that.

9 hours ago, A.S. said:

Now I hope MX Team just preparing big update for Extensions Center

While that would be something to hope for, i really, really, really don't think that's happening. Nothing has been done on the site for years. They have no intention of adding any developer info to the site despite the feedback given.

They want to be seen as something more than the other browsers, but they can't even offer something as simple as a decent website with a nicely laid structure for developer information.

I've said it before, it would take a decent coder 1/2 a day to add what is currently in the SDK documents into a workable, easily navigable, searchable website. But apparently that's not a priority. Instead the extension sits there dormant with almost nothing of note added ...

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9 hours ago, 7twenty said:

Apparently something to do spam.

If it's true, this is because of Mining Go and invitation codes. They could just disable comments for one extension.

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