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Yesterday I tested Maxthon V5.2.4.700 and I was disappointed to find out that Roboform add-on doesn't work anymore.
Lastpass stopped working long time ago. I have no plans to use Maxthon password manager even it is free, which means I'll stop supporting Maxthon too.

Google just announced that they will start offering hardware security keys.

My questions are:

- Are there any plans for Maxthon to support hardware security keys?
- Is there or is there going to be any password manager add-on working with Maxthon?

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To the best of my knowledge, Roboform hasn't developed a version that works with Maxthon in Ultra mode for several years now. I have been asking them to do so since the beginning of Maxthon using a different rendering engine than Trident (Internet Explorer). However, Roboform does work with Maxthon in Retro mode. I have been using what Maxthon now calls Passkeeper ever since they added it as a feature and have nothing but good results; the only complaint with it for me is that the organization of the list isn't in alphabetical order but I also don't need to use that list very often. Your choice.

Whether or not a third party password manager works with Maxthon is solely up to the developers of the software, not Maxthon. 

I have as yet not learned what hardware security keys are, so I have nothing I can add on that question.  

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52 minutes ago, 17167647 said:

We all know what happened in 2016 and it might happen again so I do not trust Passkeeper.

I have no idea what you are talking about that happened in 2016. I have been using Maxthon since 2004 and have been a core member of this forum since Maxthon2 was introduced and I am not aware of anything that "happened in 2016" in regards to Passkeeper and I have been using that feature since it was introduced. I also don't experience more than 90% of reported problems that others seem to encounter and can't reproduce them, so I guess I'm lucky, right?

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