Maxthon 5 not syncing files to cloud?


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10 minutes ago, Chantao said:

Please look Picture and Date

What's your point? The date is when you imported your favourites from a HTML file.

If it was a normal sync there would be no date.

If it was a direct import (eg, after an update) there would be no date.

If it was imported from IE, it would show "DATE From IE"

Haven't tested but importing from a folder i'd guess would show "DATE From folder"


Not really sure what you're trying to show here? Do you regularly import favs and they're not being updated via passport?

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I just looked at UU and that's the result. With my actually MX5 is no date. So the whole thing is not up to date. And that's probably clear, what I want out. Am I the only one who realizes that the MX5 cloud is not up-to-date? In addition, my MX5 is currently sync error, and 2017 is already a lot.

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18 minutes ago, Chantao said:

So the whole thing is not up to date

Just did a test here by editing one of the favs in my test passport account. Made sure it synced while in MX5, then opened on another MX5 (guest account) and it showed the modification made.

So as far as I can tell it's working fine.

Two things to note:

1 / make sure that it is definitely being synced to the cloud (check there are no up arrows in the corners of the fav links)

2/ it seems to be slow. Depending on how much needs to be synced it may take some time.

On my first test i closed the browser thinking that it happened almost instantly, and it didn't work. Once I confirmed the sync happened it worked fine.

Also i'm moving these posts to a new thread. It's not related to the original question.

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26 minutes ago, Chantao said:

 In addition, my MX5 is currently sync error,

This information is what was required with the initial post. Clearly there's an issue. If you're getting a sync error then of course it's not going to be synced to the cloud.

Leaving that out of a post about files not being synced is only giving half the story!

Again, it seems to be an issue with your install.

From your previous thread about favourites sorting i posted this, which seems to have gone unnoticed (not that it would matter...)


Although before that, i'd test with a portable version with exported/imported fav data. Use the guest account and see what happens. If it's good, then it's possible it's not the quantity or data, but is related to the sync. If it still happens then it's quantity or data. Do the remove by half test and see what happens.

Below is the remove by half test:


If the problem is reproducible all the time, then it can be checked simply by moving out half the favs (obviously keep a backup) and see if it still happens. If all is good, remove the other half and see what happens. Then keep adding by half of what's left until it starts happening again.

The test is to check whether it's the amount and/or something in the fav's that's causing the issue.

I'll say this again... this is a problem on your system, with your maxthon install, with your userdata. Don't expect someone else to offer a fix when they can't replicate the issue, or what you're using, or without your userdata.

If you're not going to bother doing it, then continue dealing with the consequences and don't bother complaining about the issue.

PS: i'd be happy to do the test myself if had a copy of your favs. But 1/ i wouldn't expect you to offer them, 2/ it will only show an issue if the problem is with the favs, not something else related to your system and/or other userdata.

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