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Is This Ad by Maxthon?


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1 hour ago, 7twenty said:

Follow the instructions here.

It's probably a little easier to understand than everything that's been posted all over the place in this thread.

It doesn't need to be any easier.

It appears to work in that session only, and when I restart the browser the page is 'reset'.  The custom filter is there, but I have to wipe it, restart browser, apply the filters again, Apply>Done, new tab is now fine (with the search bar gone).  Close Browser, re-open and the search bar is back.  The entries in the Custom Filter are still there.

This seems like something else.

Edit 2: So it seems like if i just open up Maxthon, the 'pc-newtab' opens up and no filters.  Open a webpage and then a new tab and it looks like the filters actually doing something at that point.  First load, no, but load some page, then hit new tab and now it reads the filters.

Edit 3: I added the navigation filter and same thing, first open maxthon, all the stuff.  go to a page after that, then open a new tab (pc-newtab), and it's 'clean' like the filters are working like they should. 

Edit 4: Last edit for tonight... so it looks like this one doesn't do anything "pc-newtab.maxthon.com##div.header.clearfix" when someone prior said it should.  But I was now testing why it only loads for pages after..... so let's number this:

  1. Verify filters are in place
  2. Restart Maxthon
  3. only one tab and that tab is loading the pc-newtab.maxthon.com
  4. Ads at top, search bar and the PLUS box is there.
  5. click on the tab plus to open a new tab, same thing
  6. But this time on that 2nd tab I go to 'any' site, doesn't matter
  7. This 2nd tab loads, and I notice the 1st tab, the 'pc-newtab' page kinda blink/refresh.
  8. I click on that one and magic it's like the filters applied.  the 2nd page loaded fine, hit the plus for 3rd tab and again the filters work there too.
  9. One buggy first tab, but it's fine after.  What a weird bug.
  10. I can't make the first tab clean, never.  It's always going to be messy.
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