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i didnt use mahthon long time. mahthon5 was very ugly, annoying for me. today i install, Loved it, all annoying things are gone and i feel it faster than before. it can be my main browser with some improvements.

1. i couldnt find how to set when i right click on a link and choose "open in new tab" to not jump on new tab. i dont want to jump to new tab.

2. the main reason why i continue to use firefox is flashgot addon. i love firefox download flexibility.


3. other browser i keep always open is opera, due always working messenger and whatsapp in its sidebar. i love that option.

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1/ Menu > settings > General > New tab action > "Open a new tab in the foreground" option should be unchecked.

2/ probably not going to happen... ever

3/ Whatsapp & Messenger They're thirdparty extensions, which I think are just the web/mobile version in the sidebar. Should be what you want.

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