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Why is Mx5 quick access so unfriendly?


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Hello, Maxthon creators. Please, explain this to me. 

In Mx4.9 I could:

- sort my tiles on separate named screens,

- navigate between those screens horizontally by scrolling (0 clicks),

- use mosaic option, thanks to which we had overall choice of 3 tab sizes,

- open sites in the background with 1 click per tile (by setting it in options)

- hide google search bar which I never use, to gain more space/bigger tiles

- hide a “new tile” tile.

Overall, I could open every site from quick acces with 1 click!



On the other hand in Mx5:

- I have only one vertical screen, which can become only a big mass of tiles,

- as result, I can sort tabs only by folders, and those require additional click to open them,

- every tab has the same size, regardless it's importance,

- except “most favourite” ones, which are... even smaller (of course you can’t disable them),

- If I want to open multiple pages from one new tab, I have to right-click every tile to open them in the background,

- I can’t hide google search bar or a “new tile” tile to save the space.

Overall, I have to click 3 times (folder – right-click – open) per one site. Even more if I want to open sites from different folders. And if I accidentally left-click, I have to open another new tab...



Why is quick access like this? Usability is far worse. No multiple screens, no mosaic, no customisation options. Multiple opening takes forever. Browser is progressing, but QA alone regressed so much it hurts.

Please consider.


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