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He starts (with me) a bit slow but he imports 5000 bookmarks frantically. He seems to sort correctly. The design is convincing too. I almost feel like he's done.



.... and he dosn't share Twitter Hoppla. But now it works right (except that he still does not sort the bookmarks even on the bookmarks bar (But why should you still need that today?), if you sort them into Maxnote) However, the general advantages outweigh this little flaw) :5884970a7da3a_1::100::bouquet::beers:

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He has a very good adblog that you can set. and "untitled" what should it mean?

Already: seeing my Most Favorites makes it a mighty browser. OK, Vivaldi has something like that to some extent, but the Vivaldi is personally too cluttered for me. MX5 is easy and quick to handle.




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