No sync btw current devices, only with a 2013 session


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I had used Maxthon years ago.  Current devices are not finding each other/syncing brower sessions only a session from 2013.

Mac Maxthon browser does not sync with my current iPad Pro BUT the Mac shows tabs from a browser session last used in 2013 - a different iPad.  The current iPad Pro shows no synced devices at all.

  • User ID number is identical
  • email is identical

What I did:

  1. I recently put Mathon on a new iPad Pro, sync showed no other devices - as I expected.
  2. Then I installed from the Maxthon site download to a new MacBook.  The Mac Maxthon browser shows tabs from a 2013 iOS browser session but not with the new iPad Pro.  
  3. I deleted the downloaded Mac version and installed Maxthon from the Mac App Store - same result, sync only found tabs from 2013.
  4. Deleted Mac App and installed from download again.

Before I set Maxthon up on other devices - iOS, Windows, and Android - I need to have cloud sync working.

Thank you for any input

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