Bonjour, mx4 to mx5


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Hi, I have been using mx4 since it's release, great browser with a lot of perks : drag and drop, dual rendering, split screen and monitoring. 

Back then, the main reason which made me stay with mx4 is this simple fact : the distinction of two types of link, the one that is next/do that/go to and the other one that is context reading/pdf/docs/image/sources. Fi****x could not do it most of the times, so annoying.

Also drag and drop is a tab hoarder dream.

But i feel like it is time to switch to mx5 since some sites (youtube; amazon video; imdb; pluzz;... ) are not playing nice when adding new features unless you are using ch***e. And i have read somewhere that develop of mx4 will become limited soon (correct me if i am wrong about this.).

I tried mx5 a few months back when the question was to add or not ip monitoring and split screen, but the waste of space by the circle profil icon and the high the adress bar made it less attractive than mx4 on my laptop screen. (did the forum change or passport delete erased forum account ? it's not a problem as i have created a new one with the same email.)

And last week, I read  + Support MX4 skin function.  So let's go.


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