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Dear Maxthon,

It would be great to see a bookmark manager, I know that it is in the infobox but you need to make it more user friendly

some enhancements

1. Wtih Maxthon on the Mac, you can create folders in the speed dial by dragging one of the icons ontop on another one, this feature should be in the windows version

2. With the new version of Maxthon - ver5, why did you remove the "Chapters" or "Pages from the speed dial, the web icons are now all on one page and it is very cluttered

3. This is an important one, you cannot rotate the screen in the mobile version - on my iphone, I am running the latest ios and it is always stuck in portrait mode - when will you reintroduce the landscape mode


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5 hours ago, cruysen said:

On Android the portrait mode is unavailable to!  Its a big downer for this browser! 

It might depend on your machine, others claim it is stuck in landscape mode. Both my phone and 7 inch tablet are stuck in portrait.

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