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NB: This extensions does not work as you want, so I don't recommend to install it now. Just read.

I would like to talk about NoAds. This is alternative ad blocking extensions. Very old... I think it's the port of extension for old Opera, but I'm not sure.
NoAds was popular in Russia when Maxthon used AdHunter: with NoAds you can add rules for your country, but AdHunter was not so convenient for settings of locale rules.
But some MX update broke NoAds: if you try to add full rules, you can not open any websites anymore, white page only. You can use NoAds still, but only with short list of necessary rules, not full. And you can block every ads manual (by click). So NoAds still can be used, but not so comfortable as you want.

If you tried to add full lists you have big problems: you browser does not work anymore (if you did not uninstill NoAds). So you have to go in C:\Users\WINDOWS USER\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\MAXTHON USER\AddonsData and remove NoAds folder. Many users faced with this problem, so NoAds developer removed addon from Extensions Center. As @ALeXkRU wrote on RuBoard, developer removed NoAds form Extensions Center because of Blink bug.
Extensions was popular in Russia, so you can find NoAds in the web. For example, NoAds on RuBoard (Ctrl+F and find "NoAds"), a few months ago some one upload NoAds in Extensions Center again, but this is not original, just re-upload.

I don't know how it works. But I think any alternative is always good and we really need alternative to ABP. Users want to have a choice.
And now when every week MX Team makes new build of MX 4.9. Beta and fixes so many bugs with websites and extensions, I think they should look on old NoAds. And if this is possible, if this is browser issue, they can fix its working. And if it's necessary, we can try to find NoAds developer.

Just think about this...

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i use it - no idea what version - i believe there was an updated one - it can be messy to select the ad or area of the page you want to block but with a bit of playing its possible to get things working

its main use [for me] is to block or to hide areas of webpages - large title bars or footers for example - when it works its simple and reliable

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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