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Hi all maxthon fans!

I come back with problems... I recently had a brand new Surface pro 4 (2 days). I don't have installed anything for the moment except the updates for windows 10, and Maxthon

So I have a very clean system, out of the box.

I've got one big problem. after a certain amount of time, the scrolling in web pages with my finger no more work... It occurs only in maxthon (no problem with Edge). I can still select tabs or links with the finger, but no scrolling... a bit weird...

One other thing. Maxthon is clearly not adapting to the definition of the Surface. The font of the favorites bar (when clicking on the yellow star on the left bar) is extremely tiny. I know I can zoom in it, b ut it is something I have to do everytime I start Maxthon, what is not convinient. The same thing occurs with the maxthon's account connexion window... So small, that I can hardly read what is written... For the favs, I know I can edit some files by decompiling and recompiling... but it is something that should be done after every release... 

One last thing. I noticed that the memory is not cleaned up when closing tabs. I opened nearly twenty tabs full of images, Maxthon ate up to 1,5 GB of memory. After I closed all the tabs, Maxthon was still eating 1,5 GB of memory.... 

What can I do?


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