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Hi guys,

I have this problem: I always need to go to this forum manually to download new versions.

Automatic check says that I have already the last version. (I send you the screenshot). It's over one year that I have this problem.

I had it also on my old laptop...I saved and tranferred the old browser's folders.

Maybe the problem is caused by some wrong setting? Should I eliminate and/or replace some files?

Thank you in advance.

PS: pleace, move this topic...I can only write in this cathegory becase the bug's section appears grey and unselectable.

Senza nome20160207181524.png

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You're on the latest stable release. There are no updates for that branch.

Beta releases aren't included for auto update.
4.9 releases are still beta.
Not all stable releases are included for auto update.

That said, it has been mentioned many times, and reps have said they're looking into it as it does have issues in some situations.

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