FedEx Forgot your password or ID?

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I am on Maxthon I forgot my FedEx login information so I went to and clicked on the "Forgot your password or ID?" link and it did not work. I had to do this in Firefox instead. It is something to do with JavaScript, and it is supposed to open in a new window. I tried this in both rendering modes, Ultra and IE, and it did not work. It does not do anything at all.


Here is the HTML for that element on the page:

<a onclick="javascript:CallForgotPassword();" tabindex="6" id="forgotpw" href="#">Forgot your password or ID?</a>



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How odd. Works as expected for me on the same version.


Testing with Retro as you did would be my first option, which you did. Other than that, test with disabling AdBlock in case it's blocking somethingt. But outside of that there's nothing that I can see that might cause it.

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