Maxthon installation keeps failing!

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Problem trying to install Maxthon3...I keep getting this message:


Copy File Failed! C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon3\Modules\MxMute\MxMute.dll



I get the same message when I try to install the cloud browser as well, but Maxthon3 is the version I wish to use.


I am running Windows 8.1. 


Any ideas?  I really want my Maxthon3 back; IE just gives me hives.  I'm a computer illiterate-please respond accordingly.  Thanks!

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Well, after 2 previous unsuccessful attempts at running a system restore operation, I decided to try again and it worked.  Yay!  So now I have Max3 back.  DoubleYaY!  I really hope it won't give me the trouble again which led to this whole situation, but will ask again if it does.  Thanks!

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