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Hi. I'd appreciate if someone can help on this issue: I installed Maxthon on my Android 4.4.2; when I try to login to gmail, it just keeps returning me to password page, it never logs in.


To clarify: first screen is to enter my email; after that, I get to second screen, to enter my password; when I enter password and tap either "Go" on the keyboard either "Continue" on the screen, the page loads, and then returns me to the same screen, to enter password; I tried to enter it several times, but I can never get past that step.


It works flawlessly in several other browsers - built-in browser, Mercury, Firefox, FirePhoenix, Opera, UC, Baidu, etc., so it's clearly something with Maxthon, not with my phone. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling two times, rebooting the phone after install, but nothing helps. I didn't change anything in settings.


If that matters, I login to Gmail via two-step activation, i.e., after entering password, I am sent a code via SMS and I need to enter it in next screen in browser to login to Gmail.


Would like to give a go to Maxthon, reviews seem to be good and my first impression is also great, but if it cannot login to Gmail, then, well, no cigar...

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