Update Adobe Flash on Maxthon portable


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I saw the thread on updating Adobe Flash on Maxthon at..


I have the portable version of Maxthon version ( latest).

I have the latest Adobe update for Internet Explorer but this version of Maxthon ( portable) is using version 15.

How would I get the latest version of Adobe Flash into Maxthon portable?

Thank you

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YEP... I can read,That may be the case but your instructions are not only somewhat confusing they are wrong.

You're discussing Nitro and Maxthon 4, along with NPAPI & PPAPI flash versions.

You state to search for pepflashplayer.dll which isn't found nor used with Maxthon 4.

You state to rename the NPSWF32_16_0_0_296.dll to pepflashplayer.dll which as far as I know won't work. (EDIT: Just tested and it does work somehow?!)

( try search for the pepflashplayer.dll file in your USB, so you know where to put the update in it )Which won't work as stated above. I'd be interested to know how/if that will even work seeing as you're renaming files to names that aren't even related. (As above seems it does work?!)

Then you also state a path to Nitro userdata which isn't relevant to Maxthon 4, and especially not to the portable version.

It's great that you want to help users, but if you're going to copy/paste info make sure it's at least somewhat coherent and relevant to a users request. Not only that there is a sticky thread discussing this very matter which clearly shows the correct (most widely acknowledged anyway) method to ensure Flash works with Maxthon.

I apologise if that sounds abrupt, but it's just annoying seeing wrong info being provided to users when there is a clear means of doing it properly.

So now i'm really lost, what's the point of the PPAPI an NPAPi versions of flash if they're pretty much interchangeable... off to google ..

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