Addons with scripts. I need help.


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I know nothing about programming. I do everything at random. But this summer I made Disable Youtube HTML5 Player. I used a Chrome extension. It just runs scritp on page. And it's work.

Many Russian users often look for SaveFrom.Net extention and somethink for torrents. I used this script and I did all like this summer, when I was making Disable Youtube HTML5 Player. But it doesn't wokr. I checked the script in ViolentMonkey, it works. I tried to do the same with other scripts. And it does not work too.

Conclusion: I'm doing something wrong. But I don't know what. And I need help.

Where are my mistakes?


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I can only guess that ViolentMonkey does something with the script that doesn't happen when you make an extension from it. It might just be a case of adding one or two lines to make it work, but I can't help with that - i've got no idea.

The only other thing I can think of is that there are no sites defined in the "permissions" or "include" sections of the def.json. If you check the youtube center extension (which also seems to based of a userscript) you'll see they're listed. Although i've checked some others that don't have anything listed and they still work - i'm guessing if it's not defined it means "anysite"?

I tried playing around by adding some, and the only difference that I noticed was that the plugin was being called - if you check the dev tools console section you'll see the MX package GUID listed, but it wasn't working otherwise.

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