Password Management Gone Crazy?

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Hi all;

I've been using Maxthon on Windows for a couple of months now and at work, I switched my workstation to Linux. Since I've been using Maxthon on Windows, I didn't want to rebuild all my browsing experience and just installed Linux version.

After that, both on my Windows and Linux clients are totally screwed up. Maxthon remembers all usernames right (only usernames!) and everything else is either gone or wrong. All passwords are wrong, I have to re-enter them every time and update at Windows side while Linux side it just continues to break things but once updated, it stays updated on only Linux side.

Anyone else with this issue?

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I'm using openSUSE 13.1 x64 and current Maxthon installation is Version

It is still giving me issues and it seems random. Sometimes password/username areas are empty, sometimes filled (mostly wrong but sometimes right)

My windows installation often gives me an option to update the password and I tend to do so whenever I can.

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