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Won't the standalone version work with Maxthon. From reading about it, it seems like it should. If so, then we already have the functionality av available in this and any other browser without waiting for a plugin to be developed.


PS: I know this sidesteps your request ... it just gets us to the functionality now rather than waiting.

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It should work, yes, but... I have a testing HTTPS server on my PC, which uses the same port as the application. Inf act, I really do not like, that it uses 80 and 443 ports at all. That's why I'd very much prefer to have an extension, rather than a service, that complicates my work and is running non-stop.

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Simbiat replied at 2014-7-20 21:27

No problem there, SnowLeopard. If I knew how to start at least, I'd have a chance to try that (am fa ...

Easiest way is to read through the documentation and have a play with one. I think there were a few example ones some where.

With enhanced steam, I've had a look and a play around, it seems to be all self contained javascript, and there doesn't seem to be any calls to chrome APIs. Only some direct links to some files in the package (using chrome:// which I'm sure is the same as mx-pkg:/// in Maxthon].

You just need to figure out how to transfer the info in the chrome manifest.json to the Maxthon def.json. They're both similar, but mx doesn't support css files (according to the doc) which may be part of the issue... Not sure about that.

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