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Found 8 results

  1. So I've been trying a few extensions and noticed that the address bar gets filled pretty quick with icons. In fact, just using all the built-in ones (Adblock, Resource sniffer, Developer tools etc') already takes alot of space. Is it possible to control the amount of icons shown? Maybe add a show/hide option in the extension manager? Or group them up somehow? Also, when clocking "remove" on the icon of addons/extensions it says "You can hide the button of this extension in Customize UI". Well I looked for it, don't know where that is... I can only find the extension manager an
  2. After about 1 year I return to MX to see if it is some improvements and indeed there are: no more troubles with videos playing or unexpected autorefreshing and generally browsing is smoothly and fast. But I'm wonder why that basic(in my opinion) options had complete disappeared: focusing on a new open tab (like in Firefox for example-„When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately”-). This option exists in earlier versions of MX4(Ctrl+click) but best would be if you could do with the right-click menu from mouse. Also I don’t know why it’s so hard to implement other basic
  3. Hi I'm using the latest portable version on different computer. Maxthon keeps asking / requesting rights to do change at startup in order to be the default browser, even if I unchecked the "Keep Maxthon as default bbtowser". Any way to disable that check ? I don't want it to be default browser and I would like it to stop asking for. In my opinion it's not a good choice using a portable version of an application as default oepning program for anything. Thanks
  4. I am using Windows 10 and I found Maxthon 5 simply does not appear in my system's browser list as you can see below: And as a result 'Set as default browser' button in the menu is not working - after clicking it and choosing to allow the browser to make changes to the device, the system's default web browser becomes empty. I have tried reinstall Maxthon 5 but it's still not showing up in the list. And since the default browser function is not working I have to turn off the 'Keep Maxthon as the default browser' setting to avoid that annoying user account control notificatio
  5. My search bar falls off the quick access page down to the task bar sometimes.
  6. Problem in v4.9.3.1000 - .ppt files from google disk do not open in browser (1.png), but its open if I enter in my Maxthon account (2.png).
  7. So this is something that i've brought up a few times before. Consistency in Maxthon's UI is somewhat lacking. There are a number of different dialogs, and each one of them has its own differences. I haven't even included SkyNote, which is still stuck in the MX3 style. 1 (orange) / Different sized titles 2 (red) / Different sized tabs 3 (red) / Different styled tabs (greyscale flat images & text / coloured images & black text / no icons & black text) 4 (green) / Different sized buttons (and naming? Done/Close) 5 (blue) / Buttons/tabs not aligned to any elements
  8. I'm not 100% sure, but I think since ABP was integrated (4.4.4.x) it seems that hidden elements added to filter lists are no longer listed in the blocked items list. Is this due to a change in the way ABP is implemented compared to AdHunter, an oversight or by design due to some other issue?