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  1. All third party browsers have the problem. Only the 4 most used ones work. Opera, Mozilla, Chrome and Edge. Netflix messed something up again and the problem is in UA
  2. Hmmm what a lie! "- Fixed known issues and crashes" Netflix and SkyShowtime not fixed!
  3. If you don't have any relevant information about the problem then f... off please.
  4. Guys! Guuuuuuuuyyyys. Why is NETFLIX NOT FIXED ?
  5. You make me crazy! Stop talking about trailers all the time. When I talk about SKY,HBO etc... something that doesn't work. I mean the whole movie/series. Just click play movie and done... error code. Trailer works fine all the time!!
  6. Good idea but... Stable version would use it all the time chromium 98 And as for the beta. I think the developers are testing us to see what our nerves can hold. Because it is not possible for every update to be more of a downgrade. They also ignore our problems and fix something that no one reported. Which of UA is the best? There is too many possible choises
  7. Yea we know. I allready report this problem. But.... prepare at least one week to next update and pray they fix it.
  8. Last two updates. Netflix not working. Unsupported broswer. And im using clear maxthon..... So currently is 16th update! SKY is not fixed yet... Now netflix stop working. Make maxthon great again.... Good old times when MX5 got update two time per year and always be 100% fine.