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  1. I do not get it. Is this a stupid joke? Or trolling? Or just ignoring? Below each version are the three most common errors. Viruses, HBO finally fix it MAX and this cropped icon. Nowhere do I see requests to add a VPN or " - Fixed the issue that the browser could not display correctly in Windows 11 system " Who the hell uses Windows 11 ?? Dear developers..... just sit down and focus all your might on one problem. Fix it and move on.
  2. Many months later and many useless updates. HBO max still not working!! Message to developers: You had only one job.....
  3. HBO max still does not work !!! And now join Netflix!!! Netflix says "This error is related to the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in that your browser uses to play Netflix. Microsoft no longer supports this plug-in. To continue watching Netflix, you must use a browser that supports HTML5"
  4. Are you fu...... serious. This is ridiculous. Can you finally fix the HBO max error??? Official release..... Yea Sure.
  5. HBO max still not work. Problem while loading movie.
  6. I guess we misunderstood each other. Disney+ works. But HBO max is not The last version had it the other way around
  7. This week will be all about Disney+. HBO max is not working again. However, this time there is an error while loading the video. No specific numbered error.
  8. You lucky.... yes classic page Disney+. But i cant play any movie or pop up it. Instantly after when i click to play then show me error 83. Disney says these 5 solutions. So it will be 110% nuber 2 browser incompatibility problem How to fix device incompatibility issues How to fix browser incompatibility problems How to fix internet connectivity issues How to fix hotspot connectivity setbacks How to fix Disney Plus server faults
  9. Well. Here it comes... "Fix the old, create the new" is our motto. HBO max works. But Disney+ NOT. "Something went wrong (Error 83)" And the interesting thing is that even netflix didn't work immediately after installation. It's working now. So let's wait another week for the repair. Perhaps.....