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  1. zork

    QA mod

    Muroko replied at 2013-8-29 04:49 Ok! this is a very nice mod - but I was wondering if installed and then I update Mx4 to the latest r ... After installation of new version of M4 you have to install the mod again. The installer will overwrite page.dat and language file. I'll update the Mod when the new version of M4 comes.
  2. zork

    QA mod

    Of course it's possible. You need to change script function.
  3. zork

    QA mod

    QA mod update/fix: * Main window - fixed empty thumbnail display. New thumbnail loading icon. Search string and dial title fix. * Resolve data - new icon and scrolling like main(grey) color scheme. * Edit thumbnail/site window - new color scheme, fonts, panels, scrolling. * Preferences window - select box is changed, list position, hover effect added. Hearts background replaced with steel grey. Compatible with build QA_Mod_mx4.1.2.3000.7z
  4. zork

    QA mod

    QA Mod for M4 Installation: 1. Replace page.dat 2. Replace language file. 3. Enjoy 3477 QA_Mod_mx4.4.1.3000.7z