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  1. magg replied at 2014-4-25 13:14 Yeah...thanks. But I found a little bug Thanks for the info. Corrected now Please check
  2. The final skin is added in the first post
  3. Dr.W.Wang replied at 2014-4-25 05:39 Yes The old one you shared with the same name was different. This one is what I actually want!Thanks a lot Edit:When I open a new tab,the tab title appears in the middle.Please see the attached file: Edit2:I've corrected and modified some more.The final skin is added in the first post
  4. Dr.W.Wang replied at 2014-4-25 03:53 I am not very sure what you mean? my english is so poor, the skin I mod just changed the tab styl ... Yes This is what I want.Where is the skin file for this screen shot?
  5. magg replied at 2014-4-24 08:20 Hi. First of all-I appreciate your work on the skins for Maxthon on the Chinese and now on Interna ... I also have this problem with the latest Maxthon official release I just wanted a Maxthon's default skin with the chrome tab type and colorful icon
  6. Dr.W.Wang replied at 2014-4-24 04:39 sorry for the inconvenience,I fixed the bugs,you can download it and have a try, the color is als ... I see that this skin is different from above.And your screen shot is also different than mine. This skin has tabs below address bar and also has an extra menu above the address bar.(So it occupies at least 3 lines ) I just want the default Maxthon skin with the following configurations: -Chrome liked tabs and that colorful icons as mentioned in my first post I've also searched and tried to learn at least how to modify an existing skin. First I tried to save Maxthon default skin (with tabs above) form the skin menu.But it is not being saved correctly.Hence,I get error trying to unpack the skin file.i Do you have Maxthon default skin file?
  7. loooping8 replied at 2014-4-24 00:15 Hi MAXSHARK ,I think after a while you will get your favorit skin you can also go to the link and ... Thank you very much loooping I see the advancements and all the efforts
  8. Dr.W.Wang replied at 2014-4-24 00:39 you mean like this? Yes thats what I want Did you make this skin?may I ask you two things please: I see two bugs here: 1-When I select favorites,the favorites bar appears next to the tabs,so when you have a lot of favorites,tabs disappears.This also exists in the original chrome tabbed skin. 2-On the right top corner,the download and settings icons are pale.The original ones in default skin is good.But in this skin,the resolution of both icons is low. Is it also possible to change skin color of the tabs?Now it is transparency. Thanks again for your efforts ;)
  9. tony. replied at 2014-4-23 03:58 there are many who can do skins Loopings - thats skins not background changes - but the question i ... If it is too difficult,then I cannot ask anybody here to spend his/her time in making me a skin. Also,I am sure that people do not make skins for themselves only,they make for others and share just to make a favor About the request: I like a skin that does not cover too much space.MX2classic skin has 3 or more than two line,sort of speak.The chrome one is ideal but I like the colorful icons and the skin color of MX2classic.Thats why I requested a combination of both. Thanks for you comments loopings
  10. loooping8 replied at 2014-4-22 15:09 Hi MAXSHARK, thanks for the request, I'm not the owner of the skin mention by you above. I just rese ... Hi looping8,thanks for the reply. I hope he/she will read and help
  11. Hi everybody, The skin that I've requested is finally ready for all of you! This skin is the default Maxthon skin with Chrome like tabs and colorful icons.The original skin was made by 大笨狗, modifed by Dr.W.Wang according to my request. The final skin has been modified & corrected by me: The favorite bar issue has been solved The titles in the tab bar has been arranged to the left The new tab icon (hover) has been lightened The skin thumbnail has been added in order to see the skin file in the skin menu (recently used) loooping8 has also done great efforts without whom,probably this skin would not be made at all The skin and screenshot is below. Thank you all guys and have a nice day ;) My old message: Hello guys.Thanks for all your efforts for the beautiful skins. I'd like to request you a skin if it is possible. I like the icons and skin color in this skin by loooping8 MX2classic And the chrome tabs in this skin by 大笨狗 chrome Would it b possible to make a combination of both skins?(The chrome skin with the icons and skin color of the first skin above?) I hope the owner of the above skins (loooping8 and 大笨狗) will see this post Thanks in advance maxshark.mxskin