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  1. BugMiss006 replied at 2015-3-12 23:06 Hi, Thank you for your information. Hi BugMiss006 This worked. Thank you very much. I copied the Addon files from the Program Files x86 folder and pasted them in my User folder. I can't see how I removed them in the first place. I think it was when my User account was temporarily set as an Administrator (when I found this was the well hidden solution to making Maxthon my default browser). I remember 'Remove' was enabled and used it without realising it was a permanent removal. Many thanks.
  2. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-12 23:04 You must perform a clean install, something is broken in your personal folder in %APPDATA%\Maxthon3\ ... Hi Oliver One As you may see in my reply to BugMiss006, I succeeded - great. I saw your advice in your earlier post saying "Second: If you have a Passport account you can perform a clean install (with delete your account) and you will retrieve the Snap tool. - See more at: http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-14777-1-1.html#sthash.osBGQoBZ.dpuf" but it is only when I pasted that into this reply now that the link you gave showed up. It seems to just open up these forum pages. I have a passport account but do not understand where to find the install files and what defines a clean install. Hopefully I won't need to. Thanks again.
  3. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-3-11 18:14 Can you post a screen shot of what your drop down menu looks like please? Hi No.1MaxthonFan I don't yet understand how to use Snap so I can paste in an image here so hope this image shows properly. Can you see how only two tools appear now? How can I get the others to appear? Ian
  4. BugMiss006 replied at 2015-3-11 00:20 Hi, Really sorry for this inconvenience. Hi there, OK. Oliver One has made me realise it does still exist as Ctrl+f1 works. My question now is how do I make it and all the other tools I removed appear back in my list of Tools that appeared in the drop down box to the left of the Download button? Thanks
  5. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-8 22:57 You are right for the extensions, but Snap is not an extension but a tools and it can't deleted (Rem ... Oliver One Thanks for staying with me on this. Please forgive my confusing Extensions with Tools. I have to say it can be deleted, I did so by clicking on Remove that was not greyed out. I forget how I achieved this. Yes, I find Ctrl+F1 still works, so clearly it is still installed. Now I know this, I would like Snap to appear back in my list of Tools along with Night Mode and External Tools. In fact I removed all the others and would like them back. It is this I am trying to achieve. Thanks
  6. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-7 23:42 How have you deleted Snap? You have deleted a file in maxthon folder? Anyway, your version ... Hi Oliver One The right hand side of the top menu bar(?) next to the search bar are the extensions that also appear on the left hand sidebar. Clicking them on the sidebar seems to hide them not delete them but I found clicking remove on the top bar actually deletes them completely. I have just reinstalled with version but find no change. When I log on as a different user, they appear as normal because I did not configure that other user. I suppose this means what one sees is controlled by user settings. Have you any idea how to find and adjust user settings?
  7. QIK5L replied at 2015-3-7 16:55 If it is not shown here just reinstall Maxthon. Hi QIK5L Thanks for quick reply. It is not in the list and I did wonder if reinstalling Maxthon was the only solution but thought that was overkill for such a simple need. I will now do so. Ian
  8. Hi, I accidentally deleted Snap but cannot see how to reinstall it. Can anyone tell me how please?