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  1. bit of another issue, had to reset cookies as couple of sites were unable to connect unless did that but then messes up other sites of course
  2. have managed to sort it by ticking option to Continue where you left of and this seems ok but sure the Customize option should be made to work ok
  3. Done that thanks but now opens with a google page in middle??????????? Sorry it is just an about blank page
  4. another issue, have 2 pages to open as home pages, has worked like a dream in 5 version but 6 keeps open9ing a plain google page despite me having the 2 sites in the cusyom box am ok with way how favs are shown now if open from the Favourites imported that sits on bookmarks bar far left. Marcus
  5. Here below is a email received about this matter as had been communicating via email before posting but then had not heard for a few days hence post. I have gone ahead and set this new 6 version as browser but still have old version too. Marcus Hi there, Thank you for your reply. In Maxthon 6, the bookmarks won't be added to Maxnote, you can click the "star" button to add the website link to Bookmarks. Attached a screenshot for your reference. If you n
  6. OK thanks but have tried doing this but nothing happens at all, just adds an emty file on bookmarks bar, am aware can see them by clicking the star button but would much prefer to get it like have always used on Maxthon.
  7. Hiya I have downloaded the latest version of 6 but how on earth do I get my favourite web links across the top line in bookmarks bar where have always had the 6 or so bookmarks use most in the links folder that came from IE, however does not seem way to do this.
  8. Hi, I have just moved to a new Win 10 laptop and got all favs back from online but has not put the favs bar at the top of bowser like had on my prev win 7 laptop, can someone remind me how I got them there, I am using verion 4 as tried new 5 but didnt seem to like my local newspaper web site