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  1. never used mx flags am sure and no, but if google them still get same issue but if say select virgin email i can get to that part of site but if click say log in or others they tend to flash up then go to same error
  2. I do now have several extensions and have gone to settings and disabled one then tried and continued this way with each one in turn but still no luck I am afraid Re sign in, if take option as guest then does seem to do something but not if click my profile Marcus
  3. Have just downloaded this version 64 bit, to see if can get around a couple of issues that have just started. Unable to sign in www.virginmedia.com gets this error message. However can access it OK using Brave Browser. Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
  4. Have noticed that I am now permanatly signed out of Maxthon and trying to sign in does nothing
  5. Hi, I have just moved to a new Win 10 laptop and got all favs back from online but has not put the favs bar at the top of bowser like had on my prev win 7 laptop, can someone remind me how I got them there, I am using verion 4 as tried new 5 but didnt seem to like my local newspaper web site