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  1. To anyone who has seen or will see this post, I have found out what caused the disconnections with my Maxthon browser. I would like to correct myself in saying that Maxthon was at fault. Rather, Malwarebytes (Premium) was the culprit. As soon as Malwarebytes (Premium) trial period expired, the problem went away. It felt like Malwarebytes sometimes could not handle all the demands when webpages were loading, which led to a bottle neck that jammed the browser internet connection competely for a few seconds to a couple of minutes. I guess the lesson is that when you expience similar iss
  2. May I suggest trying to replicate the issue by downloading multiple (5 or more) large files (1GB or larger) with Maxthon download manager over multiple days? It might be a bug that needs fixing?
  3. Well, it does the same thing unfortunately whether running alone or together with Maxthon5. And when MX6 loses connection, MX5 loses it too at the same time. Vice versa.
  4. I guess that sort of explains the sync speed even though it shoud not have taken forever as the size of bookmarks to transfer locally is only 30mb. How long does it take to sync 30mb to the cloud? Anyway, the bookmarks sync issue is not a big problem as I have successfully import/export bookmarks locally. Let's say Maxthon cloud sync feature does not agree with me. The other issue is more painful. It keeps bugging me everyday and I have no clue why it happens. It is not my internet connection, it is mostly likely Maxthon browser related. It is like traffic jams while loading components of
  5. A little update. I have managed to transfer my latest bookmarks from MaxthonPortable mx5.3.8.2000 to Maxthon installed version mx5.3.8.2100-beta manually via HTML file. But synchonization of maxnote is still not working for me. Or it is taking infinite amount of time if it is working at all. So, how quickly can one expect synchonization to finish each time if it is assumed to be working properly? I assume synchonization means my cloud account data including bookmarks gets updated each time I make any changes locally. And when I switch to a different version of Maxthon browser on the same
  6. I am a bit apprehensive about giving out my account name and password. Even if I do do it. How do I pm you? Sorry about my amateurishness.
  7. I can only sometimes manage to manually transfer bookmarks by using 'import/export user data' function. Under mx://note/, it appears that "synchoronizing...' keeps going endlessly without making any difference. Also, the connection freezing problem persists after I started using the lastest version of maxthon portable. Therefore, I do not think there is any problem with userdata as the Maxthon portable folder is freshly created. Sometimes, when I have both MaxthonPortable_5.3.8.2000 and Maxthon mx6.0.0.2601_beta running. Browsing on MX6 can also triger freezes causing both versions to los
  8. Bookmarks. Do they get synced at all or is local manual transfer the only way to go? Even with local transfer, I have failed, which is why I haven't been able to upgrade to a later version.
  9. Well, there aren't any error messages per se, or at least not for a while. But I do notice there is older and less user data available synced to a new version of Maxthon browser newly installed. And then I have to manually move local data from older version browser if I am lucky enough to accomplish that successfully. I wish I can have more control over the data sync between my pc and cloud storage. It does not seem that migration of user data from older version to newer version via cloud storage is happening for me even though the sync seems up to date with my account.
  10. That leads to another issue I have been having. For some time now, my account's cloud storage data size is very small, currently at 68.28mb. In other words, it does not appear that it syncs properly. So I am wary of deleting local user data.
  11. Thanks again. Would it cause any issues if I delete the folder and its content?
  12. Hi BugSir006, Thanks for getting back to me. The version I am using is v5.2.7.2000 portable. I might as well try mx6. Thanks for the suggestion. Nevertheless, it would be great to know what might have caused the issue.
  13. Hi BugSir006, Thanks for getting back to me. The version I am using is v5.2.7.2000 portable. I might as well try mx6. Thanks for the suggestion. Nevertheless, it would be great to know what might have caused the issue.
  14. Hi all, When openning a new webpage, I often encounter the problem of frozen/jammed internet connection for many seconds during which my download and browsing freeze. It especially causes pain when the files I download do not support resumable downloads and I have to start them all over again. Has anyone else come across this issue? How can it be dealt with if at all? Thanks.