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  1. You're awesome ! now everything is what I meant ! Thank you
  2. Great ! thank u very much !! PS: i think it would by nice if we could add titles to some selected fauvorites because now each new favurite site is without name. Anyway, thanks !
  3. oh, it would by nice. I have this skin http://ge.tt/9xEItO11/v/0?c
  4. then the skin changes to defaulat. In my chrome skin I need to use the alt+0160 code to hide the names of the favourites. It works only in default skin but I have been looking for this for a long time. Thanks !
  5. sorry, i tried to start this in my chrome skin. In case of default skin it works great. So is there any way to start this in another skin than default?
  6. It doesnt work in my mx i still see the titles of favourites and I cant remove them. All steps i have done correct. Please help me if u can.