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  1. I dont use custom useragent, but my custom useragent is Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 6.1; U; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/ Chrome/43.0.2357.130 Safari/537.36 OPR/30.0.1835.88 QupZilla/1.8.6 I tried others too, but it didnt do anything. Im not sure how useragent can effect to that page.
  2. With that option, it does now work in Retro mode, but not in Ultra. Still, better than nothing...
  3. It is PepperFlash what you are looking. I dont want to install Flash to my computer, because i dont want my other browsers to use it for security reason, thats why i only get the latest pepflashplayer.dll (from portable Flash). Currently im using Flash version 24,0,0,138 with Maxthon.
  4. In Retro mode i cant even select that Devotion tab, because it dont load character. There is text --LOADING--. In Ultra mode it only take second to load it. This isnt a huge problem, i can use my Cent Browser to look those, but it would be nice if there is way to fix the issue^^ Thank you anyway
  5. Retro mode dont work. It only load that page partially. :/
  6. With Grim Calchttp://grimcalc.com in Devotion tab Maxthon doesent show planetary images at all. With other browsers they work correctly. I tried to disable all extensions, but it didnt help. Maxthon example http://aijaa.com/6giUUy other browser http://aijaa.com/EgoKFq I upgraded to but still the same.
  7. I did have a same problem, but the address is now mx://last-visit/
  8. I have again one those FSProfile folders on my computer. One was in my temp folder and other was in Z:\_Temp\Maxthon3Cache\Temp\Webkit\FSProfile It seems that those are Maxthon Download Manager files. And i get those if i download something from Mega https://mega.nz/ One of those was over 2 Gb. Why Maxthon great those files?
  9. Thank you Ohke. I did have one malware, but thanks to Malwarebytes (i bought that premium couple years ago) it didnt do any harm (noticed from malwarebytes log that it was blockin connection to some website everyday at the same time). It was visual basic file that tried to download bitcoin miner. Still it wasnt the one in the Maxthon folder. AdwCleaner didnt find anything. Also tried couple other too, but nothing. So, i dont know what was that FSProfile, but atleast its gone now after i deleted it. I think its releated to Maxthon because its also in there http://bbs.maxthon.cn/thread-866360-1-1.html i just dont understand what they are saying.
  10. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-25 09:04 See here http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-11190-1-1.html Maybe related with a player you have install ... I havent installed any player, but how can i get it off? Z:\_Temp\FSProfile\File System\Origins There is also FSProfile folder and Maxthon are using it. There are 000010.sst, 000014.log, CURRENT, LOCK, LOG, LOG.old and MANIFEST-000013 files. Those files contains text like "fôã0U 32leveldb.BytewiseComparator LAST_PATH-1Ü ­y? LAST_PATH000ORIGIN:https_plus.google.com_0000" "SQLite format 3 · óÖ· ?IsOriginTableBootstrapped1;last_compatible_version2version4 º ºØô ?IsOriginTableBootstrapped;last_compatible_versionversion ® Ò® "=http://www.thesun.co.uk/ ,Chttp://www.ivillage.com.au/ .p¯/Ùj¾ ¿ Þ¿ =http://www.thesun.co.uk/ !Chttp://www.ivillage.com.au/ à àà =http://www.thesun.co.uk/Chttp://www.ivillage.com.au/ í íó .p¯/Ùj¾ ž ž/Î f/tablemetametaCREATE TABLE meta(key LONGVARCHAR NOT NULL UNIQUE PRIMARY KEY, value LONGVARCHAR)'; indexsqlite_autoindex_meta_1meta))stableHostQuotaTableHostQuotaTableCREATE TABLE HostQuotaTable(host TEXT NOT NULL, type INTEGER NOT NULL, quota INTEGER DEFAULT 0, UNIQUE(host, type));O) indexsqlite_autoindex_HostQuotaTable_1HostQuotaTabler++ƒtableOriginInfoTableOriginInfoTableCREATE TABLE OriginInfoTable(origin TEXT NOT NULL, type INTEGER NOT NULL, used_count INTEGER DEFAULT 0, last_access_time INTEGER DEFAULT 0, last_modified_time INTEGER DEFAULT 0, UNIQUE(origin, type)) ô úô ÿ ÿ>‘ôw =Q+ indexsqlite_autoindex_OriginInfoTable_1OriginInfoTableQ)iindexHostIndexHostQuotaTableCREATE INDEX HostIndex ON HostQuotaTable(host)a++{indexOriginInfoIndexOriginInfoTable CREATE INDEX OriginInfoIndex ON OriginInfoTable(origin) ?+#indexOriginLastAccessTimeIndexOriginInfoTable CREATE INDEX OriginLastAccessTimeIndex ON OriginInfoTable(last_access_time)C++indexOriginLastModifiedTimeIndexOriginInfoTableCREATE INDEX OriginLastModifiedTimeIndex ON OriginInfoTable(last_modified_time)" I deleted all of those folders when Maxthon wasnt running and atleast now they are gone. Still i would like to know what was that? Info about that 00000000 file "SoftwareBundler:Win32/OneClickDownloader"https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/606d53d2d619bbf347539726b4ec954a188330bd337c75b12a2f725fa1a4df21/analysis/1427259760/
  11. What is purpose of program? C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon3\FSProfile\File System\001\t\00\00000000 My scanner detect it as malware.
  12. BugMiss006 replied at 2015-3-17 10:43 Hello odyssee, Thank you for your feedback in detail. This V4.4.4.3000 still does that refresh. Just updated from 4.4.3 and now i need to downgrade this again.
  13. Robert T. replied at 2015-2-28 03:55 my pc is an old one so it has a bigger strain on my speed Yes, and browser is good when its light. I started to use Maxthon because it was fast and light, Firefox and Opera was so much heavier. I tried K-meleon, K-Ninja but i didnt like those. I used TheWorld Browser (Developers of that are from China) long time before i started to use Maxthon. Maxthon was more advanced than TWB so thats why im using it now. I dont like where its going, its isnt light and simple anymore.
  14. How to get Adhunter back? I already deleted adblock.mxaddon, but i cant find adhunter
  15. Mens Magna replied at 2015-2-16 09:10 I am go back to version, more faster! I did that too, i dont like ABP. I have ever used it with other browser either. Still, isnt faster
  16. Ok thanks, i found it. It was a different place than others. It was in Public folder, maxthonForum.mxaddon. Now i got the never version of Maxthon, if this gonna work i dont have to downgrade again.
  17. This extension should be priority just like HTTPS Everywhere
  18. I have a Maxthon Community extension v1.0.2. Im currently using Maxthon, but if i upgrade this i lost that extension. So where to get that extension for newer Maxthon?