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  1. Thank you very much BugSir006! 🙂
  2. Hi BugSir006. I found out what causes the error. For some reason the page https://www.mozilla.org/es-ES/ was loaded in retro mode, when changing to ultra mode the error disappears. I attach the video. Thank you. 😊 PS: Thanks for taking my suggestion about the "External Tools" icon. 1627957164_bandicam2021-10-1818-04-26-582.mp4
  3. BugSir006, the problem with the mozilla.org page remains in this version (64-bit) 1014 In other browsers this error does not occur. I could see that when the error occurs the context menu is different than on other web pages. Attached is a capture of both cases. I add an image of an error that occurred only once trying to open the mozilla.org page. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello BugSir006. If possible, I would like you to include the "External Tools" icon like the one MX5 has in future versions of MX6. I attach a screenshot for better understanding. Thank you and have a nice day!
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply BugSir006! I just realised that it seems to be an erratic issue, sometimes it's there, sometimes not. Here's the info about my pc. ZOTAC.LOG.txt Hi BugSir009 I'll try that then and let you know if something pops up. Thanks for your reply!
  6. Hi. Someone would be so kind to check if searching for https://www.mozilla.org at https://www.google.com.ar/ using Maxthon Version (64 bit) 0924 gives them an error? Or if the error occurs also trying to view the web page https://www.mozilla.org? Thank you!