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  1. Quote

    + Added "Mute site" option to the right-click menu (shortcut: Alt+M)
    + Optimized "save as image" function

    Thanks for optimized "save as image" function 🙂 👍

    But dont understand what changes where made in "Mute" . The same useless "Mute site" with the right click menu. All you need to do is make CLICK (not right click) on microphone icon on tab and that mutes TAB (not site).  Show me one situation where you need "mute site". "Tab mute" is waaay better. 

    And if you add status bar (with possibility to add there zoom +/- and diff. tools) - MX6 will be #2 browser in the world (after mx5) 

    To make it #1, all you need make maxnote old way.

    ( but "mute tab", "global mute" on status bar and "zoom" on status bar are more important for me personally) 



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  2. Quote

    Hi rambo, I tried to test this issue but haven't reproduced. Could you provide me a video of it? Did you use the latest version


    this short mouse movements - I'm trying to drug and drop to open link in new tab.
    In MX5 with 100% successful rate and in MX6 - maybe 10% . 
    But in 90% websites super drug works good even in mx6. 
    Both browsers have ad block plugin installed

    latest version




  3. continue..

    10) super drug is #1 reason started using MX many many years ago.
    Noticed it doesn't work in mx6 sometimes. E.g. YouTube left menu: home, watch later, subscriptions, lists...
    In MX5 everything ok.


    11) "tab mute". Why missing? "Mute site" is different. And IMHO it is useless. 
    What is the purpose of site mute? when I have multiple YouTube tabs and right click -> "mute site" mutes all tabs.. Why?

    We need a) global mute, and b) tab mute. 

    Also, why not to make it like in mx5 directly on tab? you already have microphone icon on tab when music playing, so you don't have space problem. Why not to add feature when clicking on it tab mutes?!

    In mx5 everything was more convenient. Now you have new scrum master? ))

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  4. 41 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

    You could try to use the Quick Save image function.


    wit quick save you cant give name to a file


    41 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

    Request reported. ?

    5 hours ago, rambo said:


    41 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

    You could also add URL to Maxnote.

    5 hours ago, rambo said:


    41 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

    Currently, no. This request will be forwarded to the product team.

    5 hours ago, rambo said:


    So if I cant import my bookmarks (years of work) that means I cant use maxnote as bookmark manager. Hope you will return old maxnote. With maxnote more possibilities to organize bookmarks. Sometimes u need to pin bookmarks on sidebar. Most missed tool - trash for deleted bookmarks 


    41 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

    Issue recorded. ? Currently, you could middle click on the bookmark to open page in background.

    3 hours ago, rambo said:

    thx. good to know. 


    41 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

    I tired to test this issue but haven't reproduced. Could you provide me a video of it?


    as i said it happens randomly (so will be difficult to catch), but quite often in mx6. Never happened inmx5 thou.

    also in this case video will not be enough I think, because it will be hard to prove there was no double click. But I will pay more attention to this possible bug, and see if it is possible or bug ))

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  5. 2 hours ago, Mr. SS said:

    Use CTRL+click to open in new background tab.

    2 hours ago, rambo said:

    ? tnx. I didnt know about this.

    it works on links from websites. but from favorites list CTRL like ShIFT still opens (makes active) new tab.


    2 hours ago, Mr. SS said:

    Saving or downloading is basically the same thing; it's true that in MX5 images saved this way did not appear in the download list, but that's the only difference.

    So why not to make older way, when everybody, including chrome users (I believe chrome engine is used in mx too) save pictures with traditional since windows 3.1 ))  method. Especially when new way isnt any better.

    As I said , if I need to rename picture (which i'm going to save on disk)  I need to a) add extension .jpeg to the end, or b) leave it intact while remaining, which makes me do additional efforts selecting name without extension. 

    Otherwise I'll get unreadable file. With "traditional save picture" method you dont care about exstension.

    Also, I'm not sure, but some people like save pics in one folder and downloads to another. And changing directories every time.. hmm..  



    9) when I click on bookmark star on toolbar (just to see/list my bookmarks) , often I get add to bookmark window/dialog. Like I clicked on star and then immediately on first on the menu "bookmark this site..". First I thought - it was my mistake and I was double clicking (star and then bookmark this site..). But it happens now so often, that I think there might be some bug ))

  6. Hi, few questions and suggestions about mx6.

    1) By default I see regular bookmark menu for favorite websites. Maxnote is now different app? 
     a) can I use maxnote as my bookmark manager (like in mx5)? 
     b) were is import/export user data (to maxnote)? 
     c) where is update site icons? 
     d) how can I stitch to side bar mode when I need to and if I can pin it?

    2) Status bar with useful tools are still missing

    3) Where is "Global mute" (button or alternative shortcuts). I was also using mute on individual tabs a lot (using tab mute from right click isn't convenient).

    4) I have MX6 icon pinned at taskbar. After opening maxthon I have second icon at taskbar. I believe thats not how it's supposed to be.

    5) I want to turn off Magic fill for passwords and forms, but can't find it in settings anymore.

    6) click on link with SHIFT opens link in new tab, that's good, but not good that it makes new tab active and I don't see way to change it (stay in original tab). In MX5 it was possible.

    7) when saving image to PC -> right click -> save image as  - > instead of saving JPEG traditional method we have "new download task" window  (and if you rename picture without adding .jpeg to the and you have unreadable file). I need just save picture, not download it ... 

    8) in MX5 in maxnote click on bookmarked list with SHIFT key pressed down was opening bookmarked website without closing/collapsing bookmark list. And now SHIFT just opens bookmarked website in new window. Lets say I need to open 5 different bookmarked websites. Now, when SHIFT+click doesnt work old way, I need to go 5 times to toolbar -> favorites button -> ..

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