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  1. Thanks. I did this. But now, Maxthon (version 3) won't open newer websites like https://www.blockchain.com/. Should I transfer the old 2015 data files to Maxthon 6 instead? Would that even work?
  2. Thank you! I found it and I'm in. Here are the files: So should I replace the files on my new computer with the files from my old computer or should I maintain BOTH old and new files in the same folders?
  3. I did as you instructed but the exact website wasn't included in my Maxthon account (I used BOTH Maxthon 3 and Maxthon 5 back in 2015). But I did come across this page: On following 'ody's' advice, I transferred ALL my data to my new pc but "AppData" and "Roaming" appear to be hidden folders. Do these files need to land in those exact folders? After the transfer, there was no change on my Maxthon 3 browser. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi there, I installed Maxthon 3 on a different computer. The computer that had Maxthon 3 originally is not working properly. The Maxthon 3 on that computer had Magic Fill. How do I get that same Magic Fill (with my username and passwords) on another computer?