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  1. While V6.1.2.900 was released, I requested "the current Chromium version to be included in the 'About Maxthon 6' message in every version" and the request was said to be recorded. It's now V6.1.2.1500, why can't the request be implemented after nearly two months?
  2. But that was written a month ago in V6.1.2.500 release. It's now V6.1.2.900 and there is no mentioning of Chromium 89.0.4389.90 in this latest beta version. That's why I say 'secretive'. I suggest that the current Chromium version should be included in the 'About Maxthon 6' message in every version.
  3. How many people know the MX6 V6.1.2.900 browser core is based on Chromium 89.0.4389.90? When you click the 'About Maxthon 6' button in Settings, it doesn't show. Why make it so secretive to know?