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  1. unfortunately I cleared the temporary file already, due to windows update, i clear all the file. And I uninstalled Maxthon and reinstall, there are no problem for now.
  2. Hi I have meet some bugs which is cannot click bookmarks and some button. bandicam 2022-01-23 06-03-24-718.mp4
  3. I have the issues when using Google Meet. There are no sound/voice when I use/join via Google Meet link. And the share screen function on Google Meet still not solved.
  4. Hihi, I use this since Windows 11 out. But I hope this 2 experiment flags will also available soon. Chrome and Egde are available.
  5. Hihi, may I know when will fixed the issues share screen when using google meet? Previously have been report the problem to you. And...will you add Windows 11 design for Maxthon?