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  1. sajphon replied at 2015-1-6 14:58 Well As for a developer, it's challenge for me and to be honest, Stylish is not really that ... Well as a developer myself, we know that sometimes we can start a project to fill a gap we would like and then end up making it for everybody This was the situation with me making the ad blocks for yahoo messenger and skype.
  2. I think the fact the OP used Ad hunter to modify CSS instead of it's intended purpose was just as much a misuse of the feature set instead of it's intended function to hide adverts, it doesn't justify the need to make a spanner a screwdriver for someone. If there is a need to change CSS on the fly then a separate extension could be made for that instead, and as much as people have praised ad hunter, it was nowhere as good as ad block in terms of ease of use or abilities, and anybody who uses heavy ad supported sites would tell you that, you had to constantly either update it yourself or edit the filters which is fine if you're a seasoned surfer but that isn't the case for most. Ad hunter failed miserable if there was more than 4 ads on a single page or any video based adverts or popups, or malicious urls to name just a few. I for one have not used maxthon as my default browser because of the advert situation and poor ad blocking capabilities. The introduction of abp may change my mind, good job!