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  1. It is still not possible to drag a tab from one panel to the other in the split screen mode. Please fix this known bug.
  2. I got excited after seeing split screen mentioned in the release notes, but dragging tabs to the other panel still does not work.
  3. Yes, this is a different thing; I can drag a tab to create a new browser instance too. Press F10 and you will enter split screen mode; the browser will be divided into two panels. It is a very convinient mode when you use a large monitor.
  4. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon; until then I'll have to stick with Maxthon 5.
  5. It is still not possible to move tabs from one panel to the other in split screen, which is a critical feature for me. On the positive side, I can now log into Reddit.
  6. Thanks for confirming it. FWIW Reddit did not work with MX5 at all for a while, but seems to be working fine now.
  7. I still cannot log into Reddit.
  8. I am using a "portable version", I just extracted the installation file. It's not a huge deal, I'm sure there will be a new version soon.
  9. Yeah, I turn off my computer at night. I'll try again tomorrow. It is good to know it is not a completely unique issue.
  10. Thanks for letting me know. Then I am at a loss. I tried multiple times over two days to log in to Reddit using MX6. I can login fine using other browsers, and I did not have any trouble logging in to other sites on MX6.
  11. I have a weird issue. I cannot log in to Reddit on MX6, I get "password is incorrect" message. I think it is MX6 issue, since I can log in to Reddit using both MX5 and Edge.
  12. Please fix "not able to drag a tab to the other side in split screen mode". MX6 feels significantly faster than MX5, YahooMail is much more responsive in it etc, so I would like to use it. But I use a large monitor, and split screen feature of Maxthon is a big reason of why I like it. Also, here is a suggestion about split screen. It used to be the case in MX5 that the active tab had a frame (I think) around it indicating that the tab was active. Right now, and it is true for both last versions of MX5 and MX6, in split screen active tabs in both panels are highlighted the same, so it is i
  13. I brought this up a couple of times before. I would switch to Maxthon 6 if it were possible to move tabs between the two sides in split screen.
  14. It is still not possible to move a tab from one window to the other one in split screen mode. I also could not find a button for split screen mode, but F10 works. Is it possible to install extensions now? It would be nice to at least have adblock installed.