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  1. the skins from here are not available for MX5 ?
  2. Reinstalled MX5 without the trick with the bookmarks/history folder from the previous version. Now Maxthon remember login names after exit, but only in normal mode not in private.
  3. Yes, it's about "exit" not "logout". But it's really annoying. Even with the "magic fill" enabled (manual)..still don't work. One step forward , 2 steps back.
  4. Yes, you described correctly! Now, the dropdown don't remember previous entryes if I logout from Maxthon. In the previous version was not so, the dropdown remembered the previous entry even if I logout from Maxthon and even with the magic fill unchecked.
  5. Tried with magic fill enabled(manual) and still dont't work. I think something is broken when I installed the new version after the method suggested by 7twenty
  6. To be clear, I don'have magic fill enabled neither before nor now because I dont' want to save passwords. Before instalation of new version If I clicked in the Facebook window for login name, a drop-down menu with the login names used is open and you could choose from them. Now if I click in the window for login names It does not appear anything.
  7. For the moment I tested just in facebook. I made no change in Maxthon "settings". Before I made the installation of MX from you suggestions, the sites (Facebook) remember the login name after exit from Maxthon and reopen the browser. But after installing new version Maxthon don;t remember login names if you exit from Maxthon and reopen.
  8. But the logins issue remained. Still don't remember the setting. Finally it's not such a big problem.
  9. IF I update to 1000 , I think I loose all my bookmarks/history..etc, because I'm on portable version and has no update option (check for updates) -I should delete this version and install the last -1000
  10. I thought it's about "settings" from Maxthon menu, that's why they not found myself. Checked but unfortunatelly Maxthon don't keep this settins.Thank you anyway
  11. But still I can not find this option "auto-login"
  12. After about 1 year I return to MX to see if it is some improvements and indeed there are: no more troubles with videos playing or unexpected autorefreshing and generally browsing is smoothly and fast. But I'm wonder why that basic(in my opinion) options had complete disappeared: focusing on a new open tab (like in Firefox for example-„When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately”-). This option exists in earlier versions of MX4(Ctrl+click) but best would be if you could do with the right-click menu from mouse. Also I don’t know why it’s so hard to implement other basic option: the complete session restore (with more than one window). Other basic option such as when restoring session to load only active tab not all tabs . This is very useful for not useless charging RAM memory, because generally you don not need instantly for all restored tabs. Why it’s so hard to implement this basic options, that other browsers have much for a long time? On the other hand, now I run MX –portable version..wich start every time in a strange mode like when i run an installing patch (see atached pictures). And I see that is a new version but the browser has no option to update..(chek for updates).What should I do in this case?