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  1. i said same thing, but i don't have enough experiences with this kind of CSS.. Maybe devs solve it?
  2. No need for alternative... Problem isn't in ViolentMonkey plugin, but in MX5. Here is proof: https://jsfiddle.net/e9me6kud/ As far as i know :root CSS should be way to make CSS (judging by informations from theme maker).
  3. Problem shouldn't be in @grant. I spoke with the author of this theme and he said that MX5 didn't support :root (css). Is it really it? Perhaps add support for it?
  4. Thanks for tip, but i don't like this theme.. :/ I want to fix that "clear dark facebook by book777"
  5. I want to install "Clear dark facebook by book777" userscript using Violent Monkey plugin, but it doesn't work on latest MX5 (tested on Google's Chrome). -- Tried solution: 1) Adding @grant from this page. 2) Disabling all extensions. 3) Other themes works. Solution: NOT SOLVED: waiting -- I also speak with the author of this theme, but he couldn't find solution yet. Theme's working for other browsers judging by comments on userstyles.org. Does anyone know why isn't it working on latest MX5? - David Košecký