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  1. Yes, If I'm not click any other windows, it will show at the top of setup window. But if I click other windows when it is in the setup process, it will appear this issue. I actually wanted to tell you about this a long time ago. When I was a starter to use Maxthon 6. That time, when the installation, in 86% stay for more than ten minutes, I have no idea what is the situation. I didn't get any hints. Finally, I minimized all the Windows and found this UAC window. And this issue can reproduced in the latest build.
  2. The UAC dialog will hide at the back of the setup progress. I need minimize all the other windows and move the setup dialog to side, then can see the UAC dialog. The progress will stop at 86% each time. This bug is long long ago. I wish that the UAC dialog should top of all the windows.