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  1. This is not an extension request, i'm just willing to share with Maxthon users a simple way to get support of mathML in the browser after having spent time on my own to get things to work properly. You need to install ViolentMonkey extension to be able to run scripts : Then use the applet coming from this page below, it sends mathML code to MathJax online translater and display it back in the browser. For the sake of simplicity, you can just copy/paste the code below to ViolentMonkey // ==UserScript== // @name MathJax Bookmarklet // @grant GM_addStyle // ==/UserScript== javascript: (function() { function e(e) { var t = '.MathJax .mn {background: inherit;} .MathJax .mi {color: inherit;} .MathJax .mo {background: inherit;}'; var a = e.createElement('style'); a.innerText = t; try { a.textContent = t } catch (n) {} e.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(a); var i = e.createElement('script'), o; i.src = ''; i.type = 'text/javascript'; o = 'MathJax.Hub.Config({tex2jax:{inlineMath:[[\'$\',\'$\']],displayMath:[[\'\\\\[\',\'\\\\]\']],processEscapes:true}});MathJax.Hub.Startup.onload();'; if (window.opera) i.innerHTML = o; else i.text = o; e.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(i) } function t(t) { if (t.MathJax === undefined) { e(t.document) } else { t.MathJax.Hub.Queue(new t.Array('Typeset', t.MathJax.Hub)) } } var a = document.getElementsByTagName('iframe'), n, i; t(window); for (n = 0; n < a.length; n++) { i = a[n].contentWindow || a[n].contentDocument; if (!i.document) i = i.parentNode; t(i) } })(); When this is done, activate the script in ViolentMonkey and go to this page for instance in order to test it : Rem: For this to work you need to be in Ultra mode, this won't work in Retro mode. Hope you will find this useful.
  2. There are multiple such extensions, some works, some don't. For me on winXP this one works : I advise you try many until you find the one that works for you.
  3. On the website page for extension sharing all the links are still pointing to the old forum too. Since old forum has disappeared now, all links are 404.
  4. Follow up of the story. After integrating my settings by dichotomy -- yay that was fun... :-\ It seems that what is provocking the issue is the folder : %appdata%/maxthon3/Users/guest/AdFilter It seems that stability can be obtained this way : - from an empty directory %appdata%/maxthon3/ - copying back all my settings - except Users/guest/AdFilter - except Users/guest/AdBlock If i copy back AdFilter then it crashes, and no matter if i delete it again it continues to crash. The only solution is to start from scratch as indicated above. I cross fingers, seems to hold for now. I know that a clean install is recommended, yet losing one's settings everytime is painful, please favor migration whenever possible.
  5. It reproduced this morning, i have zipped the MaxthonCrashData folder and uploaded here. As you can see by the numerous reports, when it happens once, it can be reproduced easily. I performed many launches all ending up in a crash. I have launched MaxthonPortable with success 5 times within these tries. Also i succeeded 2 times to deactivate ABP extension during the 5s the browser was alive. Each time the next relaunch was successful and stable and it crashed as soon as i reactivated the extension. For the other suggestions, i never used passport.
  6. Hi, i have searched the forum, seems my issue is not reported. I had first experienced this with (previously i was on a 4.4.3.x), and now i am on I run winXP sp3. Sometimes (between 0 and 2 times a day) i start the browser, it launches properly then after a few seconds (< 5s) it closes itself. The content of the browser does not seem to matter (i.e. reload last websites opened or just bare quick access window). In general, once the issue is there, i can't get away with it. If i relaunch the browser many times, it closes the same way as many times. In some cases, if i wait a few minutes before trying again, i will launch and work properly, but often the only solution is to close the session and log in again, then it will 100% launch properly. Except for this behaviour Maxthon is very stable for me, even for hours of browsing. It doesn't behave like a crash, it just closes (there is not popup message, nor any other message when it happens to launch properly again). I have verified in active processes before the launch and after the close, there is no Maxthon zombie thread running in the background. I have tried also to disable ABP extension for 4 days and haven't noticed the issue, so it may be related to adblock, but considering the frequency of the issue, i could also be luck.