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  1. Thanks, this problem should really be corrected as soon as possible!
  2. may not be as important, but really noticed this error, my computer is not configured to sleep, and the work computer is the same problem, what should happen is some problem in time synchronization, would also like the next update auto -update is working because it is really sad to have to enter the forum to download the new versions, and believe the conventional user must be with an outdated version ..
  3. Today, 08:30 rest the same 9 hours to level 8, see bug is in time synchronization Thnx for help!
  4. really the registration was made on this day, but I used the browser there are three weeks before the record, today at 14:00 the remaining hours to move to the level 8 were nine hours, now 18:00 still missing the same nine hours
  5. I'm saying the hours logged in the browser, I am new user in maxthon actually just met this last month, I am using for more than a month at least 12 hours a day and I only have 138 hours online, there is some error in the synchronization of hours logged
  6. I'm having a problem with the level up, the hours do not update, I can not increase my level and the auto-update don't work! Please Fix then! Graciously!