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  1. 7twenty replied at 2015-3-19 20:00 MX3 & 4 both use the same userdata folder. If it wasn't deleted before reinstalling MX3 and MX4 c ... Thank you for the response and the advice, I will try that and update. As for what I didn't like about it, I didn't like the interface, the changes that were made and the lack of plugins and themes for it. I understand that change is inevitable, and improvements have been made, but for me, MX 4 is a classic example of how not every update is an improvement. It's almost as if the new trend is to take something that people like, and instead of improving on what's already there, and building from that, they decide to strip it down, and then add a few new things in hopes that you won't notice that they took away what you liked about it to begin with. Mind you, this doesn't seem to be limited to just browsers, but anything to do with technology as a whole (such as Xbox 360 vs Xbox One, Samsung ditching SD cards and removable batteries for the S6, IPB 2.x vs 3.x and later, etc.) I literally just ditched Opera for the same reason as they've removed most of the features I actually used it for, and then 'killed' the older version I was using, (in the same way that Apple uses a similar technique to force users to either update the o/s or get a new device) and because I use Maxthon on my Note 4, and all of my devices and I love Maxthon 3 and have it installed on all of my pcs, I saw it as a viable alternative. I am sure that MX 4 will come along eventually, and maybe I'll try it again much later on, but right now, for me personally, there is more benefit for me to stick with MX 3 until that happens. Update: Clearing the UrlSec folder seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the tip, 30963492.
  2. This started happening to me after I had made the mistake of installing Maxthon 4. Once I decided that I didn't like it, and tried going back to 3 and uninstalled 4, I was unable to run Maxthon 3 and this was after several uninstalls, reinstalls and reboots. Is it possible that installing Maxthon 4 could have corrupted something? Maxthon 3 was running perfectly before this. I only tried out the latest version out of curiosity, and now no matter what I do, I can't get Maxthon 3 to run on my system anymore.