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  1. magg replied at 2015-2-2 07:33 No problem here. Twitch works for me fine ans smoothly. Do you have any extension installed? i mean the box is ticked... but there is absolutely no difference whatsoever ... (regarding smooth scrolling).. as for extensions...i don't really have anything that would mess up streaming.. same goes for abp ... iit kept freezing even when i used adhunter
  2. I've been watching some streams..and i noticed it always keeps freezing..and this has been present for quite some time now..(previous versions as well)... i've also tried the same stream in firefox...and it works freezes no nothing... P.S. smooth scrolling in firefox seems a lot more polished... which is sad cause i love maxthon and keep recommending it.
  3. the link has no link ...i checked it... as a side works again...don't ask how and why... maybe cause i'm using the latest beta?
  4. magg replied at 2015-1-18 03:07 Can't confirm. For me videos on FB works just fine. Would you describe more exactly how this issue l ... it just randomly happens... the loading wheel shows up and either says i need a new version of flash player or just does not work at all... it happens like once or twice every month for no reason then it works after a while...
  5. can someone please tell me why every once in a while videos n facebook stop working then magically work again? i mean it only happens with maxthon... and it's becoming annoying