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  1. Question about color rendering of images - it has been incorrect in Maxthon for several years now. Images are different from Maxthon in other browsers and yet appear the same in them. In the screenshot Maxthon is on the left. How to fix this browser defect?? ___ UPD ! __ I found a solution for myself. Go here in the address bar - chrome://flags/#force-color-profile. (Force color profile item). If the monitor works in the srgb profile, then you need to switch to it accordingly. In other cases, the installation is probably by default. If after switching and restarting the browser the change does not occur, then switch to sRGB (or Default), restart Chrome, switch back to Default (or sRGB), restart again - then it should change.
  2. Denr

    Arowana skin

    Please, make the active tab more visible. On a dark theme, it is almost merges with the inactive.
  3. Denr

    Arowana skin

    Thank you! I want a skin with tabs under the address bar. The function of switching to a half-screen would also be normal, no more than a half-screen. Make please more noticeable the color of the active tab. Thank you!
  4. How to make tabs under the address bar??? ver 5-1-3-2000
  5. Do not work for version 5-1-3-1000. This is normal? I returned version 5-1-2-3000, but I can not restore the previous skin. How to fix? Thank you